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Welcome to Baby Explorers & Toddler Explorers


BABY EXPLORERS and TODDLER EXPLORERS are great opportunities to explore your baby’s new world together through touch, sound, vision, taste and smell... all in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. Our classes are based in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Malling, East Grinstead and Bromley.


It’s amazing how quickly your baby changes in their first year and it’s fascinating to watch them become extremely curious toddlers, achieving different milestones week after week.

Watch them, as babies, gradually become more and more aware of their body, hands & feet, and their ability to maintain balance! Then as toddlers, as they explore the world around them with their new found mobility. A toddler's independence quickly grows as they learn to walk, start to communicate through speech and form close attachments to certain people.

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Sessions employ a myriad of different sensory toys, props and objects to stimulate all your baby's senses.

We are passionate about offering new parents a chance to interact with their babies and to capture their imaginations, while providing a place for both parents and babies to make new friends. more

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Baby Explorers Tunbridge Wells



Baby Activities and Toddler Groups in BromleyTunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Sevenoaks, West Malling and surrounding areas


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Music, baby signing, baby yoga, baby massage, singing, sensory activities, fibre optics, messy play, parachutes, toddler classes and so much more! All for babies and toddlers in BromleyTunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Sevenoaks, West Malling and surrounding areas.

Baby Explorers & Toddler Explorers 2016 TERM DATES:


Monday 29th February - Friday 20th May


Monday 23rd May - Friday 16th September


Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June


Monday 25th July - Friday 2nd September


Baby Explorers Tunbridge Wells

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