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BABY EXPLORERS Multi-Sensory classes are great opportunities to explore and discover your baby’s new world together through touch, sound, vision, taste and smell… all in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. Our classes are based in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Malling, Five Ashes (Uckfield / Crowborough / Heathfield)Maidstone, Orpington and Bromley

A Complete Sensory Journey

For You and Your Baby!

Newborn Development Course

(Newborn - 12 weeks)

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Mini Baby Explorers Classes

(Newborn - 6 months)

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Baby Explorers Classes

(Newborn - 13 months)

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Captivating Sensory Adventures...

Come along with your baby to enjoy a different, captivating, colourful multi-sensory adventure every week and start making precious memories!

Baby Explorers - Early Years Multi-Sensory Development Classes for Babies & Toddlers - Bromley, Sevenoaks, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Turners Hill, West Malling

From Newborn to 13 months

Step into our wonderful Baby Explorers classes (newborns – 13 months and Mini Baby Explorers – under six months) and be greeted by colour, friends and a modern take on multi-sensory fun! It’s a place where your baby can ‘explore’ whilst you relax, make friends and watch the magic as your baby gets transported into each one of our weekly themed adventures.

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Each class is different

Our terms are each full of 10 fantastic classes. It could be… a Trip to the Marvellous Circus with Charlie the Clown, A Magic Carpet ride in the Arabian Night Sky, a Swinging Safari adventure, a very messy Mad Hatters Tea Party and a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and a variety of seasonal and holiday themes!

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Born To Explore!

Watch them, as babies, gradually become more and more aware of their body, hands & feet, and their ability to maintain balance! Then as toddlers, as they explore the world around them with their new found mobility. A toddler's independence quickly grows as they learn to walk, start to communicate through speech and form close attachments to certain people.

Sessions include a myriad of different sensory toys, props and objects to stimulate all your baby's senses. We are passionate about offering new parents a chance to interact with their babies whilst being amazed and rewarded week by week as they reach new developmental milestones.

What We Do...
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