BABY EXPLORERS Multi-Sensory classes are great opportunities to explore and discover your baby’s new world together through touch, sound, vision, taste and smell… all in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment. Our classes are based in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, West Malling and Bromley

A Complete Sensory Journey

For You and Your Baby!

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Baby Explorers Classes

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Captivating Sensory Adventures...

Come along with your baby to enjoy a different, captivating, colourful multi-sensory adventure every week and start making precious memories!


From Newborn to 13 months

Step into our wonderful Baby Explorers classes (newborns – 13 months and Mini Baby Explorers – under six months) and be greeted by colour, friends and a modern take on multi-sensory fun! It’s a place where your baby can ‘explore’ whilst you relax, make friends and watch the magic as your baby gets transported into each one of our weekly themed adventures.

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Each class is different

Our terms are each full of 10 fantastic classes. It could be… a Trip to the Marvellous Circus with Charlie the Clown, A Magic Carpet ride in the Arabian Night Sky, a Swinging Safari adventure, a very messy Mad Hatters Tea Party and a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and a variety of seasonal and holiday themes!

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Baby Explorers Summer 2019 Sizzling Summer Term! 1st July 2019 Our Summer of Fun term got off to a marvellous start last week. Most of our babies headed off to Glastonbury for the Baby Explorers Summer Festival. A magical class filled with the sights and sounds of a true festival experience (without all the mud, of course)! The babies made their own music at... Baby Explorers Boogie Nights Boogie Nights 25th June 2019 This week we transported the babies back in time to an era of glitter balls, flares, neon and leg warmers. It was time to grab our dancing shoes as it was Boogie Nights at Baby Explorers. It was all about those classic disco tunes, a real treat for our parents who could dance the... If you go down to the woods today... 14th June 2019 If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise... Armed with our picnic blankets and special teddies we marched off into the woods where we were met by a big surprise. Deep in the woods, in a middle of a clearing Big Ted... Baby Olympics - Baby Explorers Baby Olympics! 1st May 2019 It was time to grab our running shoes, swim kit and sweat bands as the babies headed off to represent Team Baby Explorers at the Baby Olympics!  The arena was a hub of activity and the babies all took their place in the colourful opening ceremony. We watched all the athletes parade around and... Easter Eggstravaganza! Easter Eggstravaganza! 22nd April 2019 Our Baby Explorers Easter Party was so much fun! We started off our celebrations with a fantastic Easter bonnet parade. We had a huge array of colourful hats and some very silly ones indeed – they’ll definitely make great memories in the photo album! After the the parade, we played hide and seek with our... Let's Leap Into Spring! 27th March 2019 What a fun and fabulous start to the Baby Explorers Spring Term! It was wonderful to meet all our new families and to welcome back those who have been with us before. In Tunbridge Wells, Orpington and Shirley we explored the Wonderful Weather... We listened to the wind as it swirled around us, watched the... Baby Explorers - Early Years Multi-Sensory Development Classes for Babies & Toddlers - Bromley, Sevenoaks, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Turners Hill, West Malling, Shirley, Orpington Winter Term Round Up 21st March 2019 Another Exciting Term Has Whizzed By! So With The Winter Term Having Drawn To A Close, Let's Take A Look Back At All The Fun We've Had At Baby Explorers. I Can Hardly Believe That The Winter Term Is Over. Shiver Me Timbers - Pirates at Baby Explorers Shiver Me Timbers 12th March 2019 A storm was brewing off the coast of Treasure Island but that didn't stop our brave pirate babies from climbing aboard the Jolly Roger, hoisting the main sail and setting off across the Seven Seas. Captain Teddy was our brave leader and assured all the Pirate crew that barrels of treasure were waiting for... Signing with Rags the Puppy Baby Signing with Puppy Dog Rags 4th March 2019 Fast asleep in his basket, a very special visitor recently came along to Baby Explorers. Through the wicker the babies could see soft brown fur, floppy ears and hear his friendly bark... It was Rags, the puppy dog – a very special friend of Baby Explorers.  We all... Baby Explorers - Leap Into Our Spring Term Leap Into Our Spring Term! 27th February 2019 The daffodils are now in bloom and it's time to get ready to leap into the Spring Term!  Spring is one of our favourite times of year and we can finally look forward to days getting longer and warmer... The Spring term is now firmly in sight and is jam-packed with many fabulous themes.... Baby Explorers - Early Years Multi-Sensory Development Classes -Magical Garden Tick tock the clock struck midnight... 11th February 2019 Have you ever wondered what happens in the garden when the clock strikes midnight? At Baby Explorers we had a midnight exploration to find out... The stars were out, the moon was bright and the world was sleeping but, as the clock was approaching midnight, we headed off into the Magical Night Garden where we... Colourful Carnival Carnival Time! 4th February 2019 It may have been cold and grey outside last week but at Baby Explorers we left Jack Frost behind to experience the sights and sounds of the Colourful Carnival as we transported our babies to a hot summer’s day! Balloons were swaying in the carnival breeze, bubbles were popping in the hot sun and flower garlands... Around the World Jetting Off Around The World 20th January 2019 This week in Baby Explorers we grabbed our passports, boarded a plane and jetted off “Around the World”. We flew to Spain to practise our flamenco, built skyscrapers in New York, played on the beach in Barbados, had a fly-drive to Disney and then headed off to Italy to become Italian chefs! Our stopover in... Welcome Back! 13th January 2019 Our Christmas classes have been and gone and the snowmen and reindeer have been packed away for another year! Baby Explorers is a buzzing hive of activity as we are preparing to welcome you back this week. Classes restart Monday 14th January and I’m sure your baby is as excited as we are to...

Born To Explore!

Watch them, as babies, gradually become more and more aware of their body, hands & feet, and their ability to maintain balance! Then as toddlers, as they explore the world around them with their new found mobility. A toddler's independence quickly grows as they learn to walk, start to communicate through speech and form close attachments to certain people.

Sessions include a myriad of different sensory toys, props and objects to stimulate all your baby's senses. We are passionate about offering new parents a chance to interact with their babies whilst being amazed and rewarded week by week as they reach new developmental milestones.

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