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Boogie Nights

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This week we transported the babies back in time to an era of glitter balls, flares, neon and leg warmers. It was time to grab our dancing shoes as it was Boogie Nights at Baby Explorers. It was all about those classic disco tunes, a real treat for our parents who could dance the night away under the glitter ball allowing their babies to enjoy the lights, the sounds and movement of the disco.

As we arrived at the disco we warmed baby up with some yoga before watching the bubbles and balloons move across the floor. Once baby was warmed up, we did the conga and made some colourful rainbow music, finally it was time to get up on our feet and do some dancing altogether.

Music and Movement at Baby Explorers

Music is integral to a Baby Explorers class, we use music in various ways which is what makes us our classes so special.  Each week our class theme is different and we use music to let the story unfold, each piece has been carefully selected to support each segment of the class. Music is also used to support babies’ development. At Mini Baby Explorers we use the instruments to encourage baby to turn to the sounds they can hear, in our Baby Explorers class we encourage them to independently hold the instruments and make their own music supporting not only their hearing development but also their hand eye coordination. Finally we use music to open and close the class with our “Hello” and “Goodbye” song. These pieces are used to give baby consistency, the hello song is used to welcome baby to class each week and as the term unfolds you start to see that baby recognises the music and knows exactly where they are! It really is a joy to see their faces light up as they hear that opening piece. Likewise our goodbye song is the same each week and is a clear signal to baby that the class has finished and its time to go home.

Baby Explorers Boogie Nights

Just like music we use movement at Baby Explorers in a variety of ways. First we use bouncing songs to build up babies muscles to support them with rolling, sitting, crawling and eventually standing and walking. We also encourage the use of movement to soothe an unsettled baby, whether that is through teaching gentle yoga moves or through dancing with your baby. And finally we actively encourage movement of those babies who start to crawl so they can discover the class for themselves, often our babies start with us as tiny newborns so to see them progress to moving many months later is a joy for both parent and class leader alike. Once they are moving the pace of exploring at class is child led, they can move and interact entirely of their own accord.

If you would like to see how we use music and movement in our classes then we would love to welcome you to join us for a TASTER SESSION.

Kate and Suzanne xx