Frequently Asked Questions

To current parents (Covid Tier 4) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a credit or refund for my classes?
Being a small business in these unexpected and extremely difficult times, and as stated in our terms and conditions at the time of booking, classes will transfer online where necessary and unfortunately no credit or refund can be given. However, the return of our back-to-venue classes will resume as soon as safely possible.

How long will online classes continue for?
This will be looked at on a week-by-week basis. As soon as we are safely able to return to venues again, we will do so. I will liaise with our different venues to ensure there is no delay when the time comes to return to halls.

Why can’t we bring siblings to class?
Unfortunately, due to government guidelines and strict hall capacities we are only allowed a maximum number of children and adults in the hall at any one time. This is for everyone’s safety and a rule that must be adhered to.

“Online classes are not the same as in person”
No, we completely agree that online classes are not exactly the same experience as being in class, in person. However, we will still endeavor to create a fun class for you and your baby to enjoy while you are at home and one that still helps with sensory development and provide some much-needed weekly entertainment for your little ones while we are all staying at home.

“My baby will not watch a screen”
The online classes are not necessarily about your baby watching the screen. The online classes are designed to encourage you and your baby to play and have fun together at home. By getting the simple props ready you can copy me on-screen and follow along with your baby at home. I’ll guide you through the activities just like I would in class so you can both get as much from the online class as possible and continue to help with your baby’s development.

Which props will I need to get ready?
We will send a you a simple prop list a few days before the Zoom class containing a list of things to get ready. By having the props prepared at home you can follow us on-screen and make the class more interactive for your baby. Don’t worry, if you don’t have everything ready in time you can still join in the fun!

Can I have my camera switched off for the online class?
Yes, you can have your camera switched off for the whole class.

Will I be able to hear the class leader?
Yes, you will. Everyone’s microphones will be set to ‘mute’ so you will be able to hear the class and music.

Will I be able to see my friends?
The virtual classroom will open 5 minutes before the class begins. This will enable you time to find your friend and set your screen so you can see each other as well as the class leader.

How long will the online class be?
The online class will be the about the same running length as a venue class. This is approx. 40 minutes of sensory activities.

What happens if I miss my Zoom class or the time doesn't suit me?
Don't worry! The class is recorded on Zoom and a link will be sent out in the afternoon. You will then be able to do your class at your leisure.

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