Baby Boogie Disco



Put your dancing shoes on and join me (Kate) and Teddy for Baby Boogie Disco!

What you will need:

  1. Shakers – or bottles or containers filled with different objects that rattle (rice, beads, cereal etc). You may like to make a few for this week if you haven’t already made them.
  2. Two metal spoons
  3. Star shape cut out of paper or card (coloured paper or foil stuck to card can be good) and attached to a string/ribbon or you can even use a sparkly Christmas bauble tied to a string or ribbon.
  4. Torch
  5. Pompom- these can be homemade! Please follow a very simple and quick video my lovely mum made to show you how to make pompoms out of paper. Two would be great! Links are below.
  6. Sensory Scarf or muslin or a pashmina/scarf (from your own wardrobe!)
  7. Balloon if you have one- tied to string
  8. Optional Extra – You can get creative and make a baby disco floor and add any sensory lighting you might have to the room!

Make your own Pompom videos:


Baby Boogie Disco!

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