Beach Party


For your ‘Beach Party’ you will need the following things below

1. Shakers – or bottles or containers filled with different objects that rattle (rice, beads, cereal etc).

2. Bucket and spade or saucepan and wooden spoon

3. Pompom – these can be the homemade. Here are the video links if you’d like to make them.

4. Beachball or football (larger ball for the beach!). If you don’t have either then don’t worry as your legs can help you join in with the activity and a small sensory ball can be used! A beach ball can be purchased online quite cheaply and can be a great fun investment.

5. Selection of silver (foil) or coloured cut out fish – tied to an umbrella or stick. Here is a video link to help you make your fish.

6. Washing up bowl, or similar size container, with water (not needed until the last part of the class so keep it hidden to start!) with a towel underneath to catch any spillage. Add sponges, spoons, plastic shapes, plastic cups, sieves/colanders, balls etc.

7. Optional Extra (for the underwater section of the class) – create your own underwater floor! If you have a sensory foil blanket this makes a great ocean floor and then you can add balls, sponges, bath toys etc. You can even add sand if you have some at home.

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