Easter Party


For your ‘Easter Party’ you will need the following things below. You can get as creative as you like…

1. A selection of 5 or 6 different/fun hats for our Easter Parade! Flat caps, sun hats, colanders (make great hats), sieves, wigs etc or anything else you can think of. If you have time to make your own Easter Bonnet then that would of course be brilliant too! ?⛑??

2. Easter Bunny – You can use your own soft bunny from home or make our homemade sensory bunny using a sock and oats! Please see our ‘How to make an Easter Bunny’ Video link… https://youtu.be/zw6lSUqRyO4 ?

3. Shakers – or bottles or containers filled with different objects that rattle (rice, beads, cereal etc).

4. Two wooden spoons or claves.

5. Sensory Scarf or coloured pashmina/scarf (from your own wardrobe!) or a muslin.

6. Optional Extra – create your own Easter garden sensory umbrella. Scarves or ribbons tied to an umbrella with hanging Easter eggs, cut out flowers (or real flowers), carrots, rabbits, chicks, balloons etc. ????


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