Swinging Safari


Join me (Kate) and Teddy on a ‘Swinging Safari’ adventure. You will need the following things…

  1. Shakers – or bottles or containers filled with different objects that rattle (rice, beads, cereal etc). You may like to make a few for this week if you haven’t already made them.
  2. A saucepan with a wooden or plastic spoon (a few saucepans, if you dare!)
  3. Sensory scarf or coloured pashmina/scarf (from your own wardrobe!) or you could join a few coloured ribbons or scarves together to make a rainbow coloured scarf.
  4. Optional extra – create your own jungle set up on the floor (always fun for the babies and toddlers!). You could set up soft animal toys sitting all around (doesn’t matter if they aren’t jungle related)
  5. Add a few balloons to your jungle floor to make it look fun!
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