Wizard World


For your magical adventure to ‘Wizard World’ you will need the following things:

1. A large saucepan or washing up bowl to use as a cauldron

2. A shaker (homemade ones are just as good and you can fill empty bottles with beads, rice, pasta or small toys)

3. 2 metal spoons

4. A wooden spoon or magic wand!

5. Magical wizard umbrella/canopy-Cut out stars and moons from cardboard and cover with foil to create sparkling stars. Thread these with ribbon or thread and tie to an umbrella or wire coat hanger.

6. A Magic Rope – made simply by tying lots of scarves, ties, tea towels, ribbons, plastic bags cut in strips etc together to make a long sensory style rope. Please see video here to help https://youtu.be/r3ovIdlSz7k

7. A small soft toy tied to one end of the magic rope. The rope needs to be hidden in your cauldron (don’t let them peep yet!)

8. Optional Extras: Get dressed for the occasion- make a wizard hat made from paper (in the shape of a cone) and a wand or put on a Harry Potter wizard outfit you might have.

9. Optional Extras but very effective: Bubbles and mood lighting (disco lights or Christmas lights) to create a magical atmosphere!


Have fun!

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