Baby yoga

Baby Yoga

Join us for our fun and friendly 40-minute Baby Yoga class online. All set to music and familiar nursery rhymes that you and your baby can enjoy singing along to! Our classes are based on Hatha Yoga the Balance of Body and Mind… 
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Baby Yoga classes are currently running online on Zoom. The classes are 40 minutes and you can book one session at a time. Please see below for more details.
Baby yoga

We practise Hatha Yoga: the Balance of Body and Mind and the course is a fantastic way to have fun together while your baby reaps the many benefits yoga and massage have to offer.

These courses are suitable for babies from their 6-8 week check to 'rolling over'.

If you are seeking an excellent way to improve your baby’s health and wellbeing, impart strength to their development, muscles, and immune system as well as helping them to breathe and be calm then perhaps our baby yoga/massage course Is what you have been looking for.

Group Classes On Zoom:

The Baby Yoga classes are available for small groups of friends (2 or more babies) and are live on Zoom in the comfort of your own home. The class is 40 minutes and is £10 per baby. Once you've completed your first class you can arrange more classes if you'd like. The classes can be set up so each baby is in their own home or you can meet together at one place.

Benefits of Baby Yoga/Massage:

  • Quality bonding time
  • Improves relaxation and helps with longer sleeping patterns
  • Helps with colic, constipation and wind
  • Helps with balance, coordination and motor skills
  • Improve posture and strengthens the spring
  • Improves muscle development
  • Helps to develop supple joints
  • Strengths body and increase circulation
  • Relaxing for both parents and baby
Baby Explorers - Baby Yoga
Baby Explorers - Baby Yoga

History of Yoga

Yoga dates back to 3000BC but it is thought that it could have existed from Stone Age time. It is not certain of the origins of Baby Yoga but it certainly has been practiced in India for hundreds of years.

Baby Explorers - Baby Yoga
Baby Yoga - Relaxing for Parents
Baby Yoga - Beneficial for Baby
Baby Yoga - Lots of fun for you both!
Make new friends at Baby Yoga!

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